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We believe there is strength in numbers.

FA is a rare disease and we are spread far and wide, but thinly. We do not have to journey alone however. The founders of FASA have discovered what a huge difference it can make forming friendships with others in the FA family, getting to know people who understand what we’re going through and whose experience can often offer insight and hope. We’d like FASA to be a catalyst for that community building in Australia and New Zealand.

Membership of FASA is open to all people.  In lieu of a formal membership fee, we encourage you to voluntarily contribute a small amount either once-off or monthly subscription to keep FASA going and support our work supporting FA families.

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Instead of a membership fee, we encourage our members to voluntarily make a financial contribution to help keep FASA going.

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FASA Statement
on COVID-19

Because of the concern for transmission of illness caused by a novel coronavirus, Fanconi Anaemia Support Australasia is preparing for the possibility that this virus may impact our two significant gatherings: the SNUG camp meeting (Lake Macquarie, August), and the FAmily meeting (Melbourne, October). While it is too early to predict how these events may be affected, we want you to be aware that we are mindful of the risks associated with gathering at this time. We will also be carefully monitoring the appropriate health authority recommendations for protecting against exposure provided by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the World Health Organization (WHO).
The National Organization for Rare Diseases (NORD) recommends that you speak with your doctor to see how they may be able to advise you if you should become exposed to the virus. Finally, should you or a loved one need to travel, review the Australian Government’s Department of Health guidelines to ensure you aren’t putting yourself or others at risk.
We will continue to monitor and follow guidance from the AMA, the Australian Government, and other agencies and communicate with the FA community directly as the situation develops.